Does Brooke Ence Take Steroids Or Natural?

Brooke Ence (CrossFit Games Athlete) underwent an amazing transformation of the body.

You can look at her pictures before she started CrossFit.


The 28-year-old breaks the records and comes to Hollywood’s standards.

She has been doing a wonderful round of both movie premieres and red carpet.

Brooke Ence was launching her career in the film industry by playing a role as a Wonder woman (as Penthesilea) and Justice League.

Brooke has a very fantastic athletic physique which should not be missed at any cost.

According to life and style: she discussed her ultimate beauty standards and want to celebrate women with different types of the body.

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Brooke Holladay Ence is her full name and she is a fitness model and CrossFit athlete (and trainer “The Golden State”) from California, US.

Brooke first started her career in the fitness journey and professional dancer.

She has gained fame in the year 2015 after qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

Personal Records:

Brooke has made many records such as back squat 320lb, clean and jerk 253lb, snatch 207lb, Fran 2:07, Deadlift-365lb, run 5k- 24:00, and sprint 400m-1:11.

She has a lot of followers on the Instagram (Brook Ence Instagram) around 980k followers.

The blonde beauty also faced some critics related to body shaming everywhere, such as the social media, where some comments like:

It’s not just the “fit physique”, it’s the “fat girls” or “skinny girls” everywhere.

It’s people that have their own personal opinions and they matter because they have their own feelings and point of view.

Where the different celebs showing off their training or fitness regimen, but I do not think that they are shown enough to the entertainment Industry.

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As I hear that strength is the beauty of the people so I feel that I can make a huge difference in the world for both men and women’s for the perception of girls and how being fit is honest.

I have the greater dedication to the entertainment industry that definitely gives change.

Brooke has also expressed her emotions:

Honestly, I never thought that I will get a place for me in Hollywood.

So, I was very excited and that’s also makes a sense because the movie, which I was playing shows off the natural appearing.

She also noted that her CrossFit physique gain more fame as compared to other stars.

I definitely had a more intense and hard physique, I had faced some moments during wonder woman in which I really felt complications.

At that moment, there is some whispering started that she must do the steroid practice of performing these steps.

Brooke Ence has been an athlete since she was at the age of the very young girl and grown up to combat whatever the situation.

Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes.

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I had a strong passion for being a strong and powerful girl.

I thought myself that I would not be there if they did not select me.

Despite what people think and other actresses that what I look, I still here and they still hired me just like they hired the other peoples.

Brooke Ence Statistics:

Height of the body: 5’7’’

Weight of the body: 145-155lbs (65.8-70.3kg)

Brooke discusses that she is getting average after working out at the CrossFit.

You can say the person’s body begins to change through diet and consistent workout training.

My trainer Jordan Barbell Medicine always keeps nutrition and diet on track.

Is She Really Taking Some Help From The Steroids Or Completely Natural?

When we look at her pictures of Crossfit games on Netflix in the year 2015, so she looks so ripped and her arms look so well shaped.

Brooke Wells Scales Grace up to 155 lb

There is a lot of difference between the women who is gearing or someone who is natty.

It is quite possible that she is a clean athlete and free from steroids because we don’t see any jaw growth and bone growth.

But, it is not enough to justify because this sign is produced due to HGH.

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Whereas, some of the people think that the physique like Brooke Ence is not achievable without any incorporation of PED’s. Even, she is too talented.

She just talked a little bit about her diet and does not say about any Paleo and the Zone diet, but she is counting macros.

Some of the individuals assume that some of the strength levels she has gained by using steroids and cutting steroids may list in the Brooke Ence steroids


She trains 3-6 hours per day and several days of a week.

There are many pills to boost testosterone level that can help in enhancing stamina and power.

Ence dedicates a couple of days to recover from the long and intense training sessions.

The recovery methods are include sleep for longer and take naps outdoors in the sun.

My body loves Sunday, sleeping, online shopping, and meeting with friends.

These workouts are a part of her training.

  • Jumping Pull
  • Box Jump
  • Walking Lunge
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Push Press
  • Knees To Elbows
  • Wall Ball Shots
  • Back Extension
  • Double Unders
  • Burpees

She has usually done this type of workout within 25-28 minutes.

Brooke Ence Nutrition:

Brooke Ence has significantly different diet as compared to other.

She is following the Paleo diet with a combination of high protein, average fat diet, low carbohydrate, with grains.

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Ence has already known that the gluten-free approach may be the more efficient as a CrossFit athlete and prefers the grains, but also a little content of gluten in her diet give her energy and improves the mood.

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The meal plan consists of scrambled egg, bacon, English muffin, protein bar, non-fat Greek Yogurt, and turkey with vegetables.

What Supplements Has She Used To Get Fit?

If Ence feels that her diet lacks fish, vegetables, and protein, so she takes only one supplement “Superfood blend”.

Otherwise, she did not use any supplement.

CROSSFIT Women are Awesome - STRONG & BEAUTIFUL (Brooke Ence)


Brooke pictures do not show that she is gearing.

Her weight is not exceeding the natural range.

You should see Best steroids for bodybuilding and fitness that work for bulking and cutting.

It’s hard to say what was the actual situation, but It seems that she has a great genetics and the power of doing hard work.